Speak Right NOW, LLC is pleased to be one of Minnesota's premier pediatric speech-language and therapy providers. The quality of our services, measured only by our patient’s success, is indicative of our commitment to serving our patients and the community in which they live. We are dedicated to helping our patients achieve their maximum developmental potential.

To that end, we focus our efforts on perfecting innovative therapy programs, which are evidence based and results driven to build on each child’s individual strengths. We also understand the importance of the role a parent plays in their child’s treatment. Our therapists work closely with our patients and their families to build a program that can be reinforced in the home enabling the entire family to take a more active role in the child’s development and progress.


About Us

Speak Right NOW, LLC has been serving children and adolescents with speech and language needs since 2003.We provide therapy services in your home or place familiar to your child, such as daycare. We do this to convenience your family. We also feel that progress is more effective and efficient in a familiar place to your child vs. treating in a clinical setting.

Feel free to give us a call with any questions you may have regarding your child and his/her speech and language development. We would be happy to assist you.